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The quantum center at eth brings together currently 28 research groups from six eth departments and the paul scherrer institute ( psi). sebastian huber/ eth zurich) topologically speaking, therefore, doughnuts and coffee cups are identical, and by applying the same principle to the quantum mechanical wave function of electrons in. klaus ensslin, eth zurich welcome: 14: 40 - 15: 00: lukas novotny, eth zurich optical antennas and vacuum- trapped particles: 15: 00 - 15: 20: andré sefanov, university of bern energy entangled qudits: 15: 20 - 15: 40: sebastian huber, eth zurich universality out of equilibrium: 15: 40 - 16: 00: nicolas brunner, university of geneva weak quantum. eth zurich, swiss national science foundation. head of institute for theoretical physics. photo: sebastian huber / eth zurich) the easiest way to understand what “ topological” means in this context is to imagine how a doughnut can be turned into a coffee cup by pulling, stretching and moulding – but without cutting it. more images for sebastian huber eth zurich ». ch institute for theoretical physics, eth zurich, 8093 zürich, switzerland e- mail: sebastian. credit: sebastian huber / eth zurich.

huber eth zurich verified email at phys. eth zurich‬ - ‪ ‪ cited by 4, 706‬ ‬ - ‪ mechanical metamaterials‬ - ‪ condensed matter theory‬. sebastian huber' s research centres around topological mechanics and the foundations of quantum statistical many- body systems. in the past few years, a new paradigm is emerging within sebastian huber eth zurich this effort thanks to the application of ideas from topology – the mathematics describing properties that are unchanged by. he represents the department towards the executive board of eth, the other eth departments and the general public. ca gil refael california institute of technology verified email at caltech. wolfgang- pauli- str.

gianni blatter he moved to the weizmann institute of science in rehovot, isreal. after his doctoral studies at eth zürich under the supervision of prof. doughnuts, electric current and quantum physics - this will sound like a weird list of words to most people, but for sebastian huber it is a job description. auguste- piccard- hof 1. eth zurich; susanne pielawa ( postdoc) – google research; gareth conduit ( postdoc) – royal society research fellow, cambridge tcm; zohar ringel ( phd ) – assist. photon science division ( psd). long range colloquium: " topological mechanics, " sebastian huber, eth, zurich wed,, 1: sebastian huber eth zurich 30 pm to 2: 30 pm qss seminar: " quantum computing in industry, " helmut katzgraber, quantum solutions lab, amazon web services. sebastian huber ( eth zurich) topological band theory provides us with a powerful design- principle for metamaterials that control how waves propagate in space. eth zurich, switzerland advisor: dr. thanks to the avail- able computing power and access to ever larger data sets, classi cation problems are. for quantum mechanical systems, this task can be daunting owing to the exponentially large hilbert space.

ch search for more papers by this author. weyl goes chiral. in physics università degli studi di milano, italy diploma with distinction awards, grants and fellowships premio “ giovanni polvani” of the italian physical society ( sif) vmp assistentenaward. quantum technologies group. bilal 2, 3, *, sebastian d. sebastian huber studied physics at eth zürich where he received his diploma in. huber is a pioneer in. sebastian huber ( left) with gianni blatter. creating artificial materials that manipulate the flow of electrons, photons, sound waves or mechanical energy is a prime focus of modern materials science.

for several years now, theoretical physicist sebastian huber of eth sebastian huber eth zurich zurich has focused on so- called topological insulators, i. sebastian huber ( postdoc) – assist. see full list on scholar. eth- professor huber is a theoretical. ch ye- hua liu university of sherbrooke verified email at usherbrooke. eth zurich, paul scherrer institute ( psi), epfl. burg, ye- hua liu, sebastian huber, eth zurich | classifying phases of matter is a central problem in physics.

previously, i was a postdoctoral researcher at eth zurich in the group of sebastian huber. curriculum vitae. jonathan home, sebastian huber and vanessa wood represented eth and quantum science and technology in switzerland at the annual meeting of the new champions of the world economics forum, in dalian, people' s republic of china in the session entitled " enabling emerging technologies". andré foehr 1, 2, osama r. during his time in israel he was generously supported by fellowships from the swiss friends of the. 1 department of mechanical and process engineering, eth zurich, 8092 zurich, switzerland; 2 division of engineering and applied science, california institute of technology, pasadena, california 91125, usa. nevertheless, eth professor sebastian huber and collaborators have now managed to make these abstract ideas very concrete and even to come up with a possible application in engineering by cutting red tape, as it were, and involving colleagues from different disciplines all the way through the eth. i obtained my phd under supervision of klaus mølmer at aarhus university and worked in the group of ignacio cirac ( max planck institute of quantum optics) during my master studies. , materials whose ability to conduct electric current originates in. jonathan ruhman ( phd ) – moore fellow, mit; ronen vosk ( phd ) – istra research ltd. v- card ( vcf, 1kb) professor jérôme faist is head of the department of physics.

ch institute for theoretical physics, eth zurich, 8093 zürich, switzerland e‐ mail: sebastian. ch: unit: departement physik institut für theoretische physik. in physics eth zurich, switzerland diploma with distinction 07/ b. an immediate experimental implementation has been possible nonetheless, thanks to sebastian huber and his group for condensed matter theory and metamaterials at eth zurich. sebastian huber professor at the institute for theoretical physics at ethz coordinator d- phys. assistant professor at eth zurich, switzerland zürich, schweiz ★ emanuel von graffenried ★ emanuel von graffenried. physics department. dr sebastian huber ( * 1977), currently senior scientist in the department of physics at eth zurich, as adjunct professor at eth zurich. sebastian huber is a researcher at the institute for theoretical physics at eth zurich. sebastian huber’ s research centres around topological mechanics and the foundations of quantum statistical many- body systems. quasiparticles that behave like massless fermions, known as weyl fermions, have been in recent years at the centre of a string of exciting findings in condensed matter physics.

after a diploma and phd in physics at eth zurich he moved to the weizmann institute of science for a postdoc after which he came back to switzerland with the help of an snsf professorship. sebastian huber ( institute for theoretical physics, eth zurich) precise verification and parameter estimation of quantum devices are critical for further technological progress in simulation and understanding of quantum matter. outside of physics i read, hike, lift and play cello. the ' acoustic weyl crystal' used by the group of sebastian huber at eth zurich to explore the effects of a background field that couples differently to weyl. credit: sebastian huber / eth zurich doughnuts, electric current and quantum physics - this will sound like a weird list of words to most people, but for sebastian huber it is a job description. it services group. the group of sebastian huber at eth zurich now reports experiments in which they got a handle on one of the defining properties of weyl fermions — their chirality. huber 3, and chiara daraio 2, †. department of physics, eth zurich, zurich.

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